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Whenever the Prayer Space is open there will be volunteer welcomers to welcome you. If you would value a conversation then they will
be happy to provide that. If it's quiet time on your own that you want then the welcomers will respect that wish. So if you wish to talk to
 a welcomer, please do.

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Chaplains at work on the Greenwich Peninsula

We have a team of chaplains who are based in the Prayer Space providing chaplaincy services to the Greenwich Peninsula,  in The O2 and on construction sites on the Peninsula

What we do

                                         We are available for conversation and listening and to offer support, for example to ask how things are going. Often people can bring worries from home to work or the other way round which can affect their home or work life, causing stress and unhappiness.

No Chaplain on their own initiative will attempt to persuade anyone of the virtue or truth of the chaplains own Faith. They might employ the resources of their own Faith to respond to expressed spiritual need, and if asked for reasons for their own beliefs then they will be happy to supply these.


Anything said to a chaplain is assumed to be confidential. It will not be repeated or passed onto anyone else without an express permission to do so, unless there is a safeguarding issue involving risk to a child or vulnerable adult where there is a legal duty of disclosure.

Sometimes a Chaplain will discuss with managers subject areas that have been mentioned. This is more likely to happen if more than one person has mentioned the same issue of concern. Names are never given to the managers or trade union officials, or whoever else might be in a meeting. We always depersonalize an issue so that it cannot be traced back to any individual or group of individuals.

The multi faith nature of the chaplaincy

If you want to speak to a chaplain from a specific religion and it is not the religion of the chaplain you are talking to, please ask and it can be arranged for you. Offence will not be caused by asking for another chaplain from another Faith.

If you have a problem with a Chaplain

If the management, trade union officers or anyone else have concerns about the behaviour of a chaplain, then this should be raised with the Chair of the Greenwich Peninsula Chaplaincy Steering Group, who can be contacted through this website.

What we don't do

Chaplains & Welcomers

Welcomers at work in the Prayer Space on the Greenwich Peninsula

Recruitment Packs

You can download a recruitment pack as a pdf file
by clicking on the links below

Welcomer Recruitment Pack

Chaplain Recruitment Pack